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Business Services Budgeting

Susan Estes, the Budget Manager in Business Services works diligently year long to develop and redefine district wide budgets for appropriate approval processes, whether State or inter-district.

Budgets are prepared by April each year, and distributed to the appropriate site administrator for planning of the upcoming fiscal year.  The proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year is brought before the Board of Trustees on the third Wednesday of each May, as required by NRS.  An amended budget is brought before the Board of Trustees in December, after Business Services has had the opportunity to evaluate the proposed budget versus actual expenditures.  Final amended budgets are recorded in June once reconciled by external auditors.

Approved Budgets are shown in the table below, including the May Proposed Budget, and the December Amended Budget, separated by Fiscal year. 

Budget FY10-11 FY11-12 FY12-13 FY13-14 FY14-15 FY15-16 FY16-17 FY17-18 FY18-19
May: Final Approved Budget FY10-11 Final Budget 2011-12 Original Budget (May)  Final Budget 12-13  May Board Approved FY13-14 Tent. Budget

Business Services: 14-15 Final Budget

2015-2015 May Final Budget

May Final 16-17

17-18 Final Budget Final Budget FY18-19
December First Amendment                  
General Fund BS: First Amendment General Fund - Dec 2010   2011-12 December First Amendment GF   2012-13 Dec Amendment GF   General Fund  Amendment  Business Services: 2014-15 General Fund Dec Amend  Business Services: 2015 Dec Amend  16-17 Dec Amendment GF    
Debt Service Fund

BS: First Amendment FY10-11 Budget - Debt Svc

2011-12 December First Amendment Debt Service  2012-13 Dec Amendment DSF  Debt Service Fund Amendment  Business Services: 2014-15 Debt Svc Dec Amend  Business Services: 2015 Debt Services Dec Amend  16-17 Debt Service Dec Amend    
Other Funds

BS: First Amendment Other Fund - Dec 2010

2011-12 December First Amendment Other Funds 2012-13 Dec Amendment All Other  Other Fund Amendment  Business Services: 2014-15 Other Funds Dec Amend  Business Services: 2015 Other Funds Dec Amend  16-17 Other Dec Amend    
June Final Amendment                  
General Fund  2010-11 June Final Amendment GF Final June Amendment General Fund 2011-12 2012-13 June Amendment_13-01 GF  BS: 13-14 Other Funds Final Amendment  Business Services: June 14-15 Final Budget Amendment  June 15-16 Final Amendment  june 16-17 Final Budget Amendment    
Debt Service Fund 2010-11 June Final Amendment Debt Service   N/A  2012-13 June Amendment_13-03 Debt Service  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A    
Other Funds  2010-11 June Final Amendment Other Funds   Final June Amendment Other Funds 2011-12  2012-13 June Amendment_13-02 Other Funds  BS: 13-14 General Fund Final Amendment  Business Services: June Final Amendment Other Funds  June 15-16 Final Amend - Other  June 16-17 Other Final Amendment    


Additionally, forms related to the District's Budgets can be found in the list below, such as Requests to Alter Budget Codes and more.

Budget Related Forms
Budget Category Change Form
Expenditure Category Change Form






For questions or conerns regarding budget, please contact Susan Estes at 775-782-5131 x1610,

or via email at: sestes@dcsd.k12.nv.us


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