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  Board Policy   Administrative Regulation
501BP Guardianship - Eligibility of Out-of-State, Non-Resident Children    
502BP Entrance Age    
503BP Assignment within District 503AR  Intra-district Attendance Variances
504BP Attendance 504AR Attendance
505BP Late Arrival and Early Dismissal    
506BP Withdrawal From School 506AR Withdrawal Procedure for Students Who Plan to Terminate Their Educational Program at Age 17 or Older
507BP Health Examinations 507AR Health Examinations
508BP Use of Medications 508AR Use of Medications
509BP Control of Contagious Diseases 509AR Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
510BP Child Abuse Or Neglect 510AR Child Abuse Or Neglect
511BP Accident Insurance     
512BP Student Proficiency    
513BP Grading 513AR Grading
514BP Reporting Student Progress - Parent Conferencing 514AR Reporting Student Progress - Parent Conferencing
515BP Promotion, Retention, and Demotion of Students 515AR Promotion, Retention, and Demotion of Students
516BP Student Records 516AR Student Records
    516(a)AR Parental Access to Student Records
    516(b)AR Access to Student Records
517BP Academic Recognition    
518BP Graduation Requirements 518AR Early Graduation Guidelines Douglas County School District
    518(a)AR Credits Earned Outside of the District While Student is Attending a Douglas County School District High School


518(b)AR Home Schooling Diploma Policy
    518(c)AR Community Service Program (Credit)
    518(d)AR Transfer Students, Grades 7-12


518(e)AR High School Credits for Middle School Courses
    518(f)AR Graduation Ceremony Regulations
    518(g)AR Supervised Curriculum in Physical Education
    518(h)AR Exemption from Taking a Full Schedule for High School Seniors
519BP Opening Exercises    
520BP Student Complaint 520AR Student Complaint
521BP Student Dress and Grooming 521AR Student Dress and Grooming
523BP Drug/Alchohol Abuse 523(a)AR Drug / Alcohol Abuse
525BP Student Discipline    
526BP Care of School Property    
527BP School Sponsored Publications  527AR School Sponsored Publications
528BP Pregnant Students    
529BP Suspension and Expulsion 529AR Procedures for Temporary Suspension of Ten Days or Less
    529(a)AR Use of Cellular Telephones, Pagers, and Other Electronic Devices Used for Communications
529ABP Safe Schools: Weapons/Fighting/Intimidation    
529BBP Safe and Drug Free Environment 529(b)AR Canine Sniffs  
    529(c)AR Student Searches and Seizure
530BP The Schools and Law Enforcement 530AR Arresting Students on School Grounds During School Hours
531BP Inspection of Lockers    
532BP Student Rights and Responsibilities    
533BP Student Participation in School Affairs    
534BP Student Government    
535BP Public Performances by Students    
536BP Student Fund Raising 536(a)AR Blood Donor Drives on High School Campuses  
    536(b)AR Student Fund Raising
537BP Social Events and Activities    
538BP Student Use of Bicycles and Motor Vehicles    
540BP Gang Affiliation and Activity 540AR Gang Affiliation and Activity  
542BP Children in Transition (Homeless Children) 542AR Plan for Serving Children in Transition (Homeless Children)
543BP Safe and Respectful Learning Environments-Bullying 543AR Safe and Respectful Learning Environments - Bullying
544BP Random Drug and Alcohol Testing of Students in CoCurricular and Extra Curricular Activities 544AR Random Drug and Alcohol Testing of Students in CoCurricular and Extra Curricular Activities
545BP Concussions and Other Head Injuries 545AR Concussions and Other Head Injuries
 546BP Personal Technology and Communication Devices 546AR  Personal Technology and Communication Devices
 547BP Foreign Exchange Students    

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