HSPE Review Questions for making FLASH CARDS

Life Science Unit 1: Chapters 1, 2, and 4

Chapter 1 Handouts Chapter 2 Handouts Chapter 4 Handouts
1.1 Key Vocabulary
Microscope Techniques Lecture Notes
Chapter 4 Study Guide
1.1-1.2 Pre-Reading
Biology Exploring Life section 4.1 Text
Biology Exploring Life section 4.2 Text
1.1 Text
4.1-4.2 Pre-reading
1.1 Online Activity
4.1-4.2 Key Vocabulary
1.1 Reading Notes
Microscope Techniques Note Taker
4.2 Reading Notes
Microscope Lab
1.1 Note Taker
2.1 Key Vocab
4.2 Atomic Structure Notes
1.1 Organization of Life Lecture Notes
2.1 Reading Notes
4.2 Atomic Structure Note Taker
2.1 Text
1.3 Pre-Reading
2.1 On-Line activity
1.2 and 1.3 Key Vocabulary
Qualitative vs Quantitative Data
Atomic Model Assignment
1.2 Text 
1.3 Text
Standards for Producing Graphs Note-taker
1.2 Note Taker
Standards for Producing Graphs Lecture Notes
1.2 Making Sense of the Diversity of Life Lecture Notes
2.1 Note Taker
Atomic Model Resources
1.2 Reading Notes
2.1 Lecture Notes
4.3 Key Vocab
1.2 Online Activity
Biology Exploring Life Section 2.2 Text Pages 30-35
Biology Exploring Life Section 4.3 Text
1.3 Note Taker
2.2 Pre-reading
4.3 Pre-reading
1.3 Ten Unifying Themes in the Study of Life Lecture Notes
2.2 Reading Notes
4.3 Reading Notes
1.3 Foldable Instructions
2.2 Key Vocabulary
4.3 Chemical Reactions and Chemical Bonds Note Taker
Microscope Techniques Note Taker
Modern Biology 1-3 Text
4.3 Chemical Reactions and Chemical Bonds Lecture
Microscope Techniques Notes
Modern Biology 1-3 Review Worksheet
4.4 Key Vocabulary
Lab C1 Using a Microscope
2.2 Note Taker
2.2 Experimental Design Lecture Notes
1.3 Reading Notes
Experimental Design Teaching Poster Instructions
Chapter 2 Study Guide
4.4 Reading Notes
Study Guide Key
Unique Chemistry of Water Note Taker

Bean Races


Isopod Explorations Inquiry
Unique Chemistry of Water Lecture
Standards for producing graphs Note Taker
Chemistry of Solutions, Acids, and Bases Note Taker
Standards for producing graphs Lecture Notes
Chemistry of Solutions, Acids, and Bases Lecture
Bean Research Sources
Chapter 4 Study Guide Key
Inquiry Report Rough Draft
1.3 Foldable Graphic Organizer Instructions
Chapter 1 Exam Review
Chapter 1 Exam Review Key
Chapter 2 Nature of Science Foldable for Final Exam


Life Science Unit 2 :  Chapters 6, 9, 10 and 11

Chapter 6 Handouts
Chapter 9 Handouts
Chapter 10 Handouts
Chapter 11 Handouts
Chapter 6 Textbook Sections
Chapter 9 Textbook Sections
Chapter 10 Textbook Sections
Chapter 11 Textbook Sections
6.1 Text
6.2 Text
6.4 Text
Chapter 6 Study Guide
Biology Exploring Life 10.1 Text
6.1 Key Vocabulary
10.1 Reading Notes
Modern Biology Section 9-1 Text
6.1 Reading Notes
Modern Biology Section 9-1 Review Worksheet
6.1 Lecture Notes

10.1 Key Vocabulary

10.2 Key Vocabulary
Biology Exploring Life 10.2 Text
10.1 and 10.2 On-Line Activity Worksheet
6.1 Note Taker

Mendel and the Gene Idea Lecture

Mendel and the Gene Idea Note Taker
6.2-6.3 Key Vocab
Variations and Probability in Heredity Lecture notes
Variations and Probability in Heredity Note Taker
6.2 Reading Notes
Modern Biology Section 9-2 Text
6.2 Textbook
6.2-6.3 On Line Activity worksheet
Modern Biology Section 9-2 Review Worksheet
Membrane Structure and Function Notes
Predicting the Results of Monohybrid and Dihybrid Crosses Lecture Notes
Membrane Structure and Function Note Taker
9.3 Reading Notes
Predicting the Results of Monohybrid and Dihybrid Crosses Note Taker
Section 9.3 of Biology Exploring Life Text
Genetics Problems Worksheet

Modern Biology section 5-1 Text

Passive Transport

Modern Biology 5-1 Passive Transport Review worksheet
Virtual Mitosis Lab Power Point Slides

Modern Biology section 5-2 Text

Active Transport

Modern Biology Section 8-2 Text


Modern Biology 5-2 Active Transport Review worksheet
Modern Biology 8-2 Mitosis Review Worksheet
Passive Transport Notes
Bozeman Science Mitosis video
Passive Transport Note Taker
Active Transport Notes
Active Transport Note Taker
Organelle Function and Products Notes
Organelle Function and Products Note taker
Cell Structures and Functions Chart
Plant and Animal Cell Diagram handout.
Plant and Animal Cell Comparative Anatomy slides
Modern Biology section 4-2 Text Parts of the Eukaryotic Cell
Modern Biology section 4-2 Review Worksheet


Life Science Unit 3:  Chapters 7, 8, 34, and 36

Chapter 7 Handouts
Chapter 34 Handouts
Chapter 36 Handouts
Section 8.1 Text       Section 8.2 Text  
Chapter 34 Study Guide
Chapter 8 Study Guide
Interactions Between Living Things Lecture Notes
Interactions Between Living Things Note Taker
8.1-8.2 Key Vocabulary
34.1 Key Vocabulary
8.1-8.2 Reading Notes
34.1 Reading Notes
34.1 Text
8.1 On-line Activity Worksheet
34.1 Study of the Global Ecosystem Lecture Notes
Chloroplast Structure and Function Notes
34.1 Study of the global Ecosystem Note Taker
Chloroplast Structure and Function Note taker
34.2 Key Vocabulary
Light Energy, Pigments, and the Light Reaction Notes
34.2 Reading Notes
34.2 Text
Light Energy, Pigments, and the Light Reaction Note Taker
34.3 Key Vocab
34.3 Reading Notes
Modern Biology 6-1 Text
34.3 Text
Energy Flow in the Biosphere Lecture Notes
Energy Flow in the Biosphere Note taker
Modern Biology 6-1 Review Worksheet
34.3 Major Terrestrial Biomes Lecture Notes
Calvin Cycle Notes
34.3 Major Terrestrial Biomes Note Taker
Calvin Cycle Note Taker
Nevada Bioregions Notes
Modern Biology Section 6-2 Text
Nevada Bioregions Note Taker
Modern Biology 6-2 Review Worksheet
34.4 Key Vocabulary
34.4 Reading Notes
34.4 Graphic Organizer
Chapter 34 Study Guide Key