“In partnership with students, parents, and community, the CVMS staff will educate our children to be successful lifelong learners and productive citizens.”

CVMS April 2015 Newsletter has been posted @ April 1, 2015. Enjoy.

CVMS 2014-2015 School Performance Plan; (SPP)

CVMS 2013-2014 Accountability Report

DCSD 2013-2014 Accountability Report

CVMS 2013-2014 Nevada School Performance Framework; (NSPF)

CVMS 2011-2012 Nevada Growth Model Website


CVMS has the right to search anyone that enters the campus when we have Reasonable Suspicion that the individual may have an item that is not allowed on campus in their possession.

Recording a fight or other Unauthorized Events on campus, or during the time the school is repsonsible for the students behaviors, will result in a suspension from school. If the unauthroized event ends up on social media the suspension maybe be extended.

The 2014-2015 CVMS Yearbooks are on sale for $45.  Last year, we sold out early, so buy yours before it’s too late!  We don’t have many copies left.  To purchase yours, bring a check to the CVMS main office. If you'd prefer to pay by credit card or monthly installments, buy your copy online at before we sell out.


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Parent Survey – Spring 2015. Please share your thoughts. The DCSD Parent Survey is now open. The survey closes Friday, May 15, 2015 at 5:00PM

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Parent Survey.  This information provides us with feedback on how we are doing with various aspects of your child’s education and the services we provide.  Results for each school will be provided to the site administrator in early June 2015.  If you are unable to access the survey via the following link, or would prefer to complete the survey in paper and pencil format, please contact your child’s school office.  We value your input and appreciate the time you are taking to provide it! 

Parent Survey -

6th/7th Grade movement questions brought up answered by CVMS.


It's 2015-2016 Registration Season; catalog link.

Congratulations Math Counts Participants. Last Saturday, 2/21/2015, the CVMS Math Counts Team competed against other math teams from across Northern Nevada on the campus UNR in the Davidson Math and Science Center. The CVMS contigency consisted of team and individual competetitors. The team placed third in the team division placing them on track for State competition March 21, 2015. Congratulations again Brandon, Koyoma, Wyatt Kremer, Justin Lu, Jack Smith, Katie Ditchkus, Nanami Duncan, and Grant Kuhlman. You all rock! A special thank you goes out to Mr. Rottmann, coach of the Math Counts team. Thank you for your time and energy put into these fine young men and women.

2014-2015 School Year CVMS CALENDAR

  • April 25 9th Grade Semi-Formal Dance at PWLMS from 8-11PM
  • April 27 SBAC-ELA-8 Classroom Activity (Regular Schedule 1-6)
  • April 28 State Mandated Assessment 7th/8th (ELA-8-PT 1-3-5 Block)
  • April 29 State Mandated Assessment 7th/8th (ELA-8-PT 2-4-6 Block)
  • April 30 State Mandated Assessment 7th/8th (ELA-8-CAT 1-3-5 Block)
  • April 30 9th Grade DHS Tour/Transition Activity 9:00AM-11:00AM
  • May 1 State Mandated Assessment 7th/8th (ELA-8-CAT 2-4-6 Block)
  • May 1 8th Grade DHS Tour/Transition Activity then Swim Center
  • May 1 8th Grade Semi-Formal 6-9PM @ DCSD Recreation Center
  • MAY 4-8 Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 4 Mandated Assessment End of Course Exam Math II Part-1 (Regular 1-6 schedule)
  • May 5 Mandated Assessment End of Course Exam Math II Part-2 (Regular 1-6 schedule)
  • May 6 State Mandated Assessment 7th/8th (Math-7-CAT 1-3-5 Block)
  • TRANSITION ACTIVITY 2015-2016: 5/6/2015 current 5th/6th grade Guided Student Tours of CVMS from JVES
  • May 6 9th Grade Awards 6:00PM in MPR
  • May 7 State Mandated Assessment 7th/8th Math-7-CAT 2-4-6 Block)
  • TRANSITION ACTIVITY 2015-2016: 5/7/2015 current 5th/6th grade Guided Student Tours of CVMS from PHES
  • May 8 6th/7th Transition Meetings
  • May 11 Mandated Assessment End of Course Exam Math I Part-1(1-3-5)
  • May 12 Mandated Assessment End of Course Exam Math I Part-1 (2-4-6)
  • May 13 Mandated Assessment End of Course Exam Math I Part-2(1-3-5)
  • TRANSITION ACTIVITY 2015-2016: 5/13/2015 current 5th/6th grade Guided Student Tours of CVMS from GES
  • May 14 Mandated Assessment End of Course Exam Math I Part-2 (2-4-6)
  • TRANSITION ACTIVITY 2015-2016: 5/14/2015 current 5th/6th grade Guided Student Tours of CVMS from MES
  • May 15 6th/7th Transition Meetings
  • May 18 Regular 1-6 Schedule
  • May 19 Regular 1-6 Schedule
  • May 20 Student of Month Breakfast for April, May 2015 7:15AM in library
  • May 20 Regular 1-6 Schedule
  • May 20 PTO/ Tiger Stripes Meeting 6:00PM
  • May 21 Regular 1-6 Schedule
  • May 21 9th Grade Trip Swin Center
  • May 22 Regular 1-6 Schedule
  • May 25 Memorial Day-no school
  • May 27-29 2nd semester exams, schedule
  • May 29 last day of school-year
  • June 1 last day for teachers
  • August 11 6th grade new student orientation activity @ 9:00AM
  • August 11 7th grade new student orientation activity @ 1:00PM
  • August 17 First Day of 2015-2016 School Year
  • September 2 Back To School Night

Please update your email address in PowerSchool with your parent username and password to receive monthly newsletters and mass mailings from CVMS.

BULLYING AND CYBER-BULLYING IS PROHIBITED IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS: As required by NRS 388.139 and DCSC Administrative Regulation 543.

ABSENCE: This is a friendly reminder regarding your student’s attendance for 2014-2015 school year.  All absences must be cleared within three school days of your student returning to school, or the absence will be considered a truancy.  If you have knowledge of an absence ahead of time, please complete a PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCE FORM and submit the completed form to the attendance office. Thank you. The CVMS Attendance Office number is 775-782-2265 x2302

TRUANCY: This is a friendly reminder regarding your student’s attendance for 2014-2015 school year.  All absences must be cleared within three school days of your student returning to school, or the absence will be considered a truancy.  If the absence is still within in the three days of your student returning to school please contact the school site to clear the absence.  If the absence is over three days please contact, R. Smalley DCSD County Truancy Coordinator, at 775-392-1475.  All truancies will be considered by the Truancy Coordinator only. Douglas County School Board AR Policy 504AR:

HALL ACCESS: Students are not allowed in the CVMS main halls (A, B, and C) until the 7:30 bell rings. They can go to the library, MPR, or the gym prior to that time.

TUTORING/SUPERVISION Before Athletic Events: if you or your child stays for an athletic event, and we hope they do, they will need to attend tutoring prior to the event. We do not want unsupervised students on campus prior to the 3:00PM game. This is a great opportunity for them to stay on campus and complete homework, make-up missing assignments, or read in a tutoring session from 2:15PM-2:50PM. Thanks for your cooperation.

ADDITIONALLY, if a student stays at school for an after-school event they must be at that event. Students are not allowed to be in other parts of the school after-school, unsupervised.

7th-8th grade CVMS Track and Field will begin on March 30th after school in the main gym. Practices will be from 3:00 until 4:30 on Monday-Thursdays. Athletes must have a current physical on file in the CVMS main office. If any athlete has tried out or participated in a sport this year or last year they are not required to do a new athletic packet. Any 7th-8th grade student who has not been in a sport will need to have a current physical/athletic packet and proof of insurance on file also. There will be a meeting the 2nd week of March during tutoring to give athletes information about practices and what is required to be on the track team. This is a no cut sport, so all who come out will be on the team. If you have any questions, please contact Mr Huff  ( or Mr Sharpe  ( The season is from March 30th to May 15th. The track meets are on 4/30, 5/7, 5/14, 5/20.

CVMS 2014-2015 7th and 8th SPORTS: A student must have a CURRENT physical on file in the front office to tryout and participate in a sport at CVMS. If you are an 8th grader and you had a current physical for the 2014-2015 school year you should be good.  If you have not participated in a sport at CVMS you need to have a current physical on file at school. If you are not sure please check with the front office.

THINKING OF PLAYING A HIGH SCHOOL SPORT?  9th grade through 12th grade students need to pick up an athletic packet from the Tiger Cage and return to the Tiger Cage.  For additional information please call the Tiger Cage at 782-5136, ext. 1823.

HAVEN’T SEEN THE DRUG & ALCOHOL PRESENTATION YET? Parents and Student can now view the Drug and Alcohol Presentation on the DHS website, click here for assistance.

BACKPACK BUDDY PROGRAM: CVMS has implemented a new program called The Back Pack Buddy Program. We recognize the economic changes that have occured in this community and it's direct impact on many of our students. In partnership with staff donations and community sponsors we are able to to provide food to students that would otherwise go hungry over a weekend. If you are inclined to assist with this endeavour we are accepting items for the program. A short list of items would include the following items; instant oatmeal, canned soup, canned meat, fruit cups, microwave popcorn, fruit roll-ups, trail mix, and peanut butter. We will see that these items get to the appropriate students. Thanks. A complete list of suggested "Back Pack" foods is linked here.

REGISTRATION for NEW STUDENTS: Students moving from a DCSD feeder elementary school are already registered. New students planning on attending CVMS in the 2014-2015 school-year will begin making appointments for registration on Friday, August 1, 2014.  Please call 782-2265, ext. 2303 to make an appointment. 

Note: The following documents are required for registration: 

  • birth certificate,
  • record of immunizations,
  • transcript or last report card,
  • copy of your student’s IEP, if applicable.
  • proof of residency
  • registration packet

Please have these documents at registration, as failure to do so will delay the process.  Your student will be asked to take a series of tests to help determine placement, so please plan on your student's participation in 2-3 hours of testing.  A return appointment will be made with the counselor to make your student’s schedule.

Anticipate cold and snow: IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY CLOSURE: As part of the Douglas County School District’s communication protocol whenever there is an emergency or school closure parents and the community are encouraged to access the DCSD website:  for specific information and updates.  Information is placed on the district's website as soon as it’s available. Snow Day Informational Flyer for DCSD Valley Schools